Happy (Lenten) New Year!

Lent, like New Year’s, is a time filled with resolutions. It serves as an uber, 40-day booster shot to help us make good on our spiritual “New Year’s” resolutions. This year, I’m tackling the “Big 3” again – giving up coffee, chocolate, and wine. Yes, I just confessed my major sins in print, or at least... Read More

Argentine Tango and the Spiritual Life

On February 14, 1998, my very first article on Argentine tango and the spiritual life appeared in Our Sunday Visitor newspaper. Little did I realize that this article would expand into a full-fledged talk and become a staple of my speaking repertoire. Even now I laugh at the memory of trying to coax North Dakota farmers to the dance floor after giving... Read More

Would You Like Fries With That?

Welcome to my first “TOB Wednesday Blog”! I am finally entering the blogosphere on behalf of my passion and spiritual father – St. John Paul II and his Theology of the Body. My goal is very simply – to help people on the journey to realizing that Theology of the Body is for every body. If you have a body, and I’m suspicious... Read More

The ABCs of JPII’s “Theology of the Body”

Have you ever picked up John Paul II’s writings and slogged through them? Maybe you dipped your toe into his “theology of the body” but put it down in frustration. Be of good cheer! By understanding the ABCs of John Paul II, you’ll have a better chance of deciphering his new language and concepts. In time, maybe you’ll be explaining the theology... Read More

Intimacy vs. Romance

The music ended and a warm, melted chocolate feeling flowed through my body. I remained in my dance partner’s arms, savoring the moment. I could feel my thoughts drift toward the ozone – how nice to be in his arms, how safe, how romantic… Time out!!! Get a grip on reality, I told myself. You know this man off the dance floor. You know he’s arrogant,... Read More

  • "Man...cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself." (GS 24)