Katrina’s Housing and Dietary Needs – Practical Details

In order to best serve you, we kindly ask you to arrange the following:

Housing: Katrina is happy to stay in a private home or rectory in order to reduce costs for you. However, she requests that she have a private room and there be no dogs in the home or crying infants as Katrina is a light sleeper.

A hotel is also acceptable. If it is possible to choose a hotel with an indoor pool (or outdoor in the summer time), that would be a great bonus as Katrina swims regularly. Please request a non-smoking room.

Dietary Needs: Katrina has a number of food sensitivities, including no dairy and no gluten or grains. If you are providing food for her, the following would be most helpful – vegetables of any kind, salad, organic fruit (Fuji apples or grapes are ideal), and a small protein source of either chicken, fish, or eggs along with unsweetened sparkling (selzer) water or bottled water. Katrina loves Thai, Indian, Mexican and almost any kind of ethnic (spicy) food.

  • "Man...cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself." (GS 24)