Katrina’s Speaking Needs – Practical Details

In order to best serve you, please make the following arrangements for Katrina’s speaking:

1) A lapel or over-the-ear mike (over-the-ear is preferred).

2) A black music stand (even if a podium is available, please provide a black music stand).

3) A powerpoint projector and screen. Please make sure the screen is large and that it is at least 8-10 feet off the ground otherwise the audience cannot see the powerpoint slides because of the person’s head in front of them. This is a common problem in churches or parish halls where the screen is placed at eye level. As a result, you may need to place the screen on a table or otherwise elevate it in order for the audience to see the full screen. Please work out this detail before Katrina’s arrival. Thank you.

4) Laptop computer.

5) A small table or chair about 6 feet in front of where Katrina will be standing for the laptop computer. Please note that Katrina needs to be able to see the screen of the laptop from where she is standing and be able to look over it at the audience. This arrangement can sometimes be challenging depending on the hook-up between the laptop and the powerpoint projector. Please make sure the cord connecting the laptop to the powerpoint projector is long enough so that the laptop can be placed 6 feet or so in front of Katrina. You may need to secure a longer cord than previously used.

Please note that it is NOT workable for the laptop to sit on a podium next to Katrina nor for Katrina to turn around and look at the screen or for someone else to advance the powerpoint slides. Again, thank you for your understanding

6) A small table or chair beside Katrina for her visual aids.

7) A large table for selling Katrina’s books and at least 2 people to help with book sales. In your PR information, please include the following line: “Katrina’s books will be for sale for cash and check only. No credit or debit cards will be accepted so please plan accordingly.”


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