Theology of the Body Speaker Training

“Theology of the Body Speaker Training” is a unique workshop that Katrina created in response to a need she saw in her home Diocese of Phoenix, AZ – the need for teachers, catechists, youth ministers, and marriage prep presenters to dig into the content of the theology of the body and be guided in composing talks for various ages and audiences as well as the actual experience of giving those talks and receiving focused feedback. Thus, the TOB Speaker Training was born.

In its original format, the TOB Speaker Training begins on a Sunday evening from 6:30 – 9:30 pm and then continues from 9 am to 9:30 pm for Monday and Tuesday and finishes with a 9 am to 5 pm day on Wednesday. This allows for 15 “full” participants to compose 4 talks and present two of them. The workshop is also open to auditors who, for whatever reason, are not interested in presenting talks or their schedule prohibits them from attending the full workshop.

While this is the original format, Katrina is open to adapting it to the needs of a diocese, parish, or organization who would like to provide this practical training for their catechetists, clergy, teachers, or presenters.

In order to adequately be prepared for this Speaker Training, participants need to have attended one of Katrina’s in-depth workshops and begun to read the actual text of the Wednesday audiences. A 5-day “Theology of the Body Bootcamp” is also available in which Katrina’s provides her in-depth theology of the body workshop for the first two days and then the speaker training for the next three days.

Please see the attached flyers as a sample explanation and PR materials for the Speaker Training and TOB Bootcamp.

TOB one-day workshop plus 3-day speaker training flyer for June 2015

TOBSpeakerTrainingFlyer2015 final



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